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Manage Texting Keywords [Loan Officer]

  1. Generate new keywords
  2. Assign keywords to agents
  3. Assign keywords to properties

Texting Keywords, best utilized with sign riders, is one of the biggest lead generators in Listing Booster. We highly recommend you take advantage of this feature to generate lead activity in your account.

Generate Keywords

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Generating new keywords (or "text codes") in bulk is only possible in the lender account and reserves those codes in your account.

To get started, login to your account and click the Agent Texting Keywords button.

At the top of the page, find the Generate text field and type in the number of codes you would like to generate. (ex: To generate 20 codes, type in "20").

Next select your Keyword Prefix (ex: LBR, TOUR, VIEW, etc.).

In the Assign to drop-down, select an agent's name or select Nobody to assign the codes to agents later.

You should now see your codes below in your Keyword list. You may search your keywords by Keyword Prefix or Assigned Agent from the above screenshot.

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Assign Keywords to Agents

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Mark the checkbox to the left of each keyword you would like to assign to a particular agent. Scroll below your list of codes to the Action and Assign to drop-downs.

  1. In the Action drop-down menu, select Assign.
  2. In the Assign to drop-down menu, select the agent's name.
  3. Click Go.

If the text code has been successfully generated, it will display in your list of codes with an Assign link in the Assigned Agent column. Click the Assign link and choose the desired agent's name.

If the text code has been successfully assigned, then the agents name will show up under the Assigned Agent column for that text code, and the Assign link will change to a Transfer link.

By clicking the Transfer link, you can transfer codes between agents one-at-a-time.


To transfer multiple codes at once, use the previous instructions concerning the Action and Assign To drop-down menus located at the bottom of your keyword list.


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Assign Keywords to Properties

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To assign keywords to listings, first login as the agent of that listing.

From the agent Dashboard, click the Manage Listings button.

In the right-most column of the appropriate listing, click Edit My Listing and then the Text Code button.

On the following page, click the Suggest Number button. Every keyword that is (1) assigned to the agent and (2) not already assigned to a property should be available to use.

Select the desired prefix (LBR, TOUR, etc) and number from the drop-down menus attach your texting keyword to the listing. Click Use This Number.

Look a bit farther down on the page and click Save Key Code.


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