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Getting Started

Loan Officers Get Started

Welcome to getting started with your new loan officer account! Watch the video below or take a few minutes to read through our guide on your first day in Listing Booster. Setup your profile Invite an agent...

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Agents Get Started

Welcome to Listing Booster! To setup your agent account, complete the checklist below. Activate account Your Profile Default Settings Import Listings Click the links to skip to specific sections. ...

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Logging Into Your Account

To login to your account, go to and click Login. On the login page, type in your email and password. Click the Login button to access your account. If you're having any trouble getting ...

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Resetting Your Password

If you need your password reset, please go to and click the Existing User Login button or Login tab on the navigation bar. Once on the login page, click the Forgotten Your Password? bu...

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Changing Your Password

If you are locked out of your account and cannot login, please refer to our Resetting Your Password article. To change your password, log in and click Profile. Once you have navigated to your profile, you c...

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Loan Officer Set Up: Q: How do I fill out my profile? A: To fill out the profile just login and click "profile" here just enter the information you would like to show up on your account branding! Q: ...

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