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Use your own video for a property

  1. Delete Listing Booster's video
  2. Embed your Youtube video
  3. Embed your Vimeo video

Please note that to embed your video in your Listing Booster marketing, it must be hosted on either or

Upload videos to Vimeo.
Upload videos to Youtube.


Delete Listing Booster's video

Login to your agent Listing Booster account and go to Manage Listings.

After finding the appropriate listing, go to Edit My Listing > Photos/Video.

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page beneath any photos. If a video has already been created (typically within 24 hours of a listing being boosted), then click Delete Video.


Embed your Youtube video

If uploading a Youtube video, copy and paste your Youtube video URL into the field labeled, "Add the Youtube video link here".

Finish by clicking Add Video.


Embed your Vimeo video

If using a Vimeo video, you will need the embed code from Go to your vimeo video, click the Share button and copy the Embed code.

Then paste your embed code into Listing Booster in the field labeled, "Add the Vimeo video link here".

Finish by clicking Add Video.

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