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Text message double opt-in

  1. Enable the double opt-in message
  2. Sending the text message

Due to compliance concerns, many of our clients choose to require a double opt-in for each text message property inquiry. This may be enabled/disabled in both the lender and agent accounts. However, if the lender account has enabled this feature, it overrides the agent's ability to choose.

Enable the double opt-in message

Login to a Loan Officer account and go to Your Agents.

Then click the checkbox for Enable Text Message Double Opt In.

When this is enabled in the loan officer account, this checkbox is modified in the agent's account (found on their Manage Listings page) to say Text Message Double Opt In is currently activated by your LO.


Sending the text message

When texting to inquire on a property (example: text BST700 to 878787), the phone that texts will now receive the following message asking them to Reply GET to agree and receive the tour.

After replying get, they will receive the text response to tour the home.

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