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Add an additional listing feed

IMPORTANT: Before adding another agent's listing feed to your account, you must ensure that you have permission from the listing agent to market yourself as the agent of record for all of their listings. Abusing this feature may result in termination of your account, not to mention fines and other legal repercussions in accordance with the appropriate multiple listing systems.

To begin, login to your agent account and go to Manage Listings.

Next, click Sync With More MLS/Organizations.

Next, click Sync Using ListHub (unless you know your listings are syndicating via RETS).

Enter in your the following information and click Search.
  • State
  • Organization
  • Active listing MLS number

If found, click Accept. Otherwise, you will see No Data Found.

Make sure you are back on your Manage Listings page and click Auto Import Your Listings.

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