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Editing and Printing Property Flyers

This article will go over the following information:
  1. Edit HTML and PDF Flyers
  2. Edit Open House Flyers
  3. Print/Save Flyers
Each listing in Listing Booster comes with a few automatically generated property flyers. To take advantage of these, login to your account and go to Manage Listings and then click the green Marketing Tools button next to each listing. You will see an HTML and PDF option as well as an Open House version. 

Edit HTML and PDF Flyers

There are several sections of the flyers are able to be edited. These changes only apply to the flyer and do not affect the dedicated property website or any other marketing.
  • Base Color
  • Property description 
  • Images of the property 
To edit these sections, go to Edit My Listing > Print Flyer.

Once finished editing, click Update.


Edit Open House Flyers

You are able to add days and times for your open house flyer. To edit this section, go to Edit My Listing > Open House

Select your day and time of your open house. Once finished editing, click Update.

Print/Save Flyers

To print these flyers, go to Marketing Tools and select the correct flyer you want to open: 
  • HTML Flyer
  • PDF Flyer
  • Open House Flyer
There will be a print button on this page or you can simply right click your mouse and select Print or Save As and save it your your computer. 

HTML Version:

PDF Version: 

Open House Version:


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