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Editing and Printing Property Flyers

Please note that we highly recommend using Google Chrome for printing your flyer as Google Chrome can natively save webpages as PDF's whereas other browsers typically require third party extensions to do so.
  1. Edit Flyer
  2. Change Photos
  3. Print/Save Flyer

Each listing in Listing Booster comes with an automatically generated property flyer. To take advantage of this, login to your account and go to *Manage Listings*.


Edit Flyer

There are several sections of the print flyer are able to be edited.
  1. Property description (does not affect description on website and other marketing)
  2. Base color (only used in version 3 of print flyer)
  3. Title (only used in versions 1/2 of the print flyer)
  4. Title font (only used in versions 1/2 of the print flyer)

To edit these sections, go to Edit My Listing > Print Flyer.

Once finished editing, click Update.


Change Photos

To change the photos that appear, temporarily rearrange your listings photos by going to Edit My Listing > Photos/Video.

The flyer will pull the first 5 photos from your listing. Rearrange the photos by clicking and dragging the boxes up and down.

Once finished editing, click Save Image Order/Virtual Tour Captions.


Print/Save Flyer

To print your flyer, go to Marketing Tools > Print.

Choose the version of the flyer you want to use, and then click the Print link.

This should open up a new tab that automatically brings up the print dialog window. If in Chrome, click the Change... button next to "Destination".

Choose Save as PDF to save the flyer on your computer or choose your printer.

Lastly, click Save.

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