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  1. What CRM's do we integrate with?
  2. How do I connect to a CRM?

One of the most popular topics with our clients is how to follow-up on their Listing Booster leads. Beyond simple call scripts and sending out pre-approval forms, CRM's are remarkably powerful tools for building automated email drip campaigns and follow up systems to turns leads into conversions.

What CRM's do we integrate with?

We are constantly working on adding more partners to this list. But if you don't see your particular CRM here, it may be worth asking if they support email parsing or some other way of importing leads from other systems.








Please note that our Zapier app is still in beta and you will need our developer invite link to access it.​





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We are always looking to add to our list of supported CRM's and integrations. If you don't see yours listed here and think it would be a great addition, please let us know.

How do I connect to a CRM?

To connect your Listing Booster account to one of our supported CRM's, login to your account and go to CRM Connect.

Next, click Connect to CRM and then choose a specific CRM.

The required information will be different for each integration. If you're not sure where to get this information, please look for your CRM in the list above and refer to their website or support for assistance.

For LionDesk in the screenshot below, you will need an API Key. Once filled in, click Save.

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