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Manage Photos/Video

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  1. Manually Upload Photos
  2. Update Images From MLS
  3. Share/Download Video
  4. Update Video

To navigate to your Photos/Video page, login to any agent account and click Manage Listings.

Next, click Edit My Listing and then Photos/Video.


Manually Upload Photos

To manually upload your photos, click the green Add Files button.

Navigate to where your photos are saved on your local computer. Select them and click Open Files.

Next click the blue Start Upload button.

Once the photos are finished uploading (the green progress bar will disappear), your photos will automatically appear on all your marketing.

Note: The only marketing piece that will take additional time to create is the listing video which should be ready about 24 hours after the photos were uploaded to the listing.

Update Images From MLS

To update your images to the latest available images syndicated from your MLS, scroll to the bottom of your Photos/Video page and click Update Images From MLS.


Share/Download Video

To share or download your video, scroll to the bottom of your Photos/Video page. Then hover (place your mouse cursor) over the embedded video and click the Share button.

Here you will find the following three resources:
  1. Social media buttons to share your video
  2. Embed code for your own website
  3. A direct link to your Vimeo page (go here to download your video)

To download your listing, click the video link labeled "3" in the above screenshot. Then click the Download button located beneath your video on

Now you have your own copy of the video. Upload it to your company Youtube channel, share it on social media, etc. It's yours to use in any relevant marketing.

Update Video

To update your video, it must be deleted and allowed 24 hours to regenerate.

Scroll to the bottom of your Photos/Video page and click Delete Video.

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