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Loan Officer Set Up:

Q: How do I fill out my profile?
   A: To fill out the profile just login and click "profile" here just enter the information you would like to show up on your account branding!

Q: Why and how do I use agent billing?
  A: Agent billing lets you use a Paypal account to collect payment digitally. For steps on setting this up visit here!

Q: How do I show this to agents?
  A: You can find our marketing tools on your Loan Officer dashboard. just download the Loan Officer to agent flyer that goes over the product and you should be all set. The other option would be to log into your account while they watch over your shoulder

Agent Set Up:

Q: What is the difference between manual and automated agents?
  A: Manual agents need to manually enter their listing information in order for a property to boost. Automatic agents import data from Listhub.

Q: Why is my agent not showing up in the search?
  A: Only agents that have active listings or who are party of Listhub will appear in this search. I would consult this article on automation!

Q: Why aren't my listings coming in?
  A: The only reason a listing would not come in is if you either dont have listhub setup or havenot yet synced with your organization. I would consult this article on automation!

Q: How do I know if my agent is manual or automated?
  A: To check this log in as your agent and go to "Manage Listings" you will see right away at the top if the account is synced!

Q: What do I do with the mls-compliant VT?
  A: You dont HAVE to do anything with it. But you can always put it in your MLS to try and get it out to more places.


Q: What do I do after the listing is in my account?
  A: Once the listing is in your account we boost everything automatically! No steps are required. Go out and put up a sign to start getting leads!

Q: How do I boost a listing?
  A: Boosting is done automatically unless you are doing everything by hand. In which case follow this guide!

Q: How do I know where my listing are going?
  A: This list can be found on our marketing tool pieces! We generate a Virtual tour, Website, Video, and place it on

Q: How do agents use the FSBO feature?
  A: They only need to press "FSBO Listings" then click "Add FSBO" and follow the steps!

Q: How do I generate and assign text codes?
  A: To learn how to do this consult our article!

Q: Why does my listing say it can’t be boosted?
  A: Traditionally this would mean automation is available and you can follow this guide!

What’s Next:

Q: How do you share to social media?
  A: On the "Manage Listings" page hit "Share my Listing" and click the button of your choice!

Q: What can I do to get more activity?
  A: Share the listing on social media is always a good way to get more eyes.

Q: How do you follow up with leads?
  A: To do this just log into your account and press either Web or Text leads. Here you can start calling the list starting from the top or bottom!

Q: What is the most used CRM?
  A: Great question, we do not have any analytics on which CRM people are using most often.

Q: Why should I do Craigslist posts?
  A: Because so many people are not willing to take the time! This means you are that much more powerful on that platform!

Q: How do I get these leads in my CRM?
   A:  To look at this click CRM Connect on the dashboard.   As long as your system is on the dropdown list you only need to provide the required information and hit connect!

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