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Share listings to social media

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  1. Find your share buttons
  2. Share to Facebook
  3. General sharing instructions

Sharing listings to social media can be a great way to market your listings to a database of people you already know (and thus are more likely to give you referrals).

Find your share buttons

To share your property to social media, first visit your single property website.

The easiest place to find this is in the property boosted email sent to the agent when a listing is boosted.

You should find the social media share buttons on the left-hand side of your property website.

However, you may also share from within your Listing Booster account.

After logging in, go to your Manage Listings page.

Next, find the appropriate listing and click Share My Listing.


Sharing to Facebook

After clicking the share button for Facebook, you should see a popup. Login if you are not logged in already.

Then say something about this property to add a little bit of a personal touch.

You can also change where or who you are sharing this to. For example, you can share on a business page you manage.

Once done editing your post, click Post to Facebook in the bottom-right corner of the window.


General sharing instructions

  1. Click the share button on the left-hand side of the property website.
  2. If necessary, login to that social media platform.
  3. Type in additional information to be displayed with post.
  4. Click button to submit your post/share to that website.

Alternatively, you may simply copy the URL of the single property website and paste that into your social media platform of choice.

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