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How to market to Agents

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  1. Suggested call script
  2. Automatically generated marketing materials
  3. Selling points
  4. Marketing pieces to send to agents

We've built our system to be simple, streamlined and effective. Listing Booster does the heavy lifting while you're able to present Listing Booster as the value and services that YOU personally are offering to that agent.

You can find all our marketing materials in your account under the Marketing Tools button.

You certainly don't have to copy our script word-for-word or even use our exact presentation materials (feel free to edit them). But we still find that they're helpful in explaining why it's a no-brainer for a realtor to sign up with you.

Suggested call script

"I have a platform that we can use to market your listings and bring in leads for less than $12 a year. And after you setup your account, it's automated. That means that we can take your listings from MLS and give each of them their own website and create a whole suite of marketing materials. Every lead that's captured goes straight back to you without being sold off to your competitors. Can we setup a 15 minute appointment to show you how it all works? When can I get you setup?”

While they are still on the phone - add them into your system and tell the Agent to check their email and click the confirmation link. (make sure to search with an agents live MLS listing number)


Automatically-generated marketing materials

Each time a listing is boosted, we will automatically generate a whole suite of services and send an email to both you and the agent notifying them and providing the links to all their marketing materials.
  • Dedicated Property Website
  • Mobile Website
  • Virtual Tour
  • Text code
  • Vimeo Video
  • Print Flyer
  • Web Leads

Selling Points

One document we find particularly helpful in explaining the value of Listing Booster is the Agent Presentation PDF, which can be found in the Marketing Tools on your account dashboard or attached at the bottom of this article. Take a few minutes to flip through it and get a feel for everything that Listing Booster can do.
  • We are going to take their leads away from their competitors (redirect feature)
  • We capture the phone number of every consumer who requests info by text
  • We capture the name and email address of every consumer who requests info by web
  • Easy way to upload to Social Media
  • Gives consumers a way to see all your listings
  • Gives great exposure to all the agent listings

Looking for something to pass on to your agents?

Here's a few of our more requested marketing materials below.


Download a PDF copy


Loan officer to agent video​

Downloadable attachment available at bottom of article.


LOtoAgent.pdf LOtoAgent.pdf
AgentPresentation.pdf AgentPresentation.pdf
Loan_Officer_to_Agent_Video.mp4 Loan_Officer_to_Agent_Video.mp4

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