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Agent Billing

Click here to download our Agent Billing and Pricing PDF,  or skip straight to the Agent checkout training video.

To edit your settings for agent billing, login to your account and click the Agent Billing button.

On your Agent Billing page, you may
  1. Enable/disable invoicing or use agent checkout
  2. Edit the price of an agent account
  3. Suggest who checks are payable to
  4. CC additional email addresses on paid receipts

Click the links above for the individual section of the agent invoicing page, or click the links below to skip to managing receipts within Listing Booster (only relevant if Enable Invoicing is selected).
  1. Sending the invoice
  2. Marking invoice paid

Enable/Disable Invoicing or use Agent Checkout

To disable invoicing, click the Disable Invoicing button. To enable invoicing, click the Enable Invoicing button. To accept payment via credit card or Paypal, click the Agent Checkout button.

To utilize the Agent Checkout feature, you must have a valid Paypal account. Enter the email address of your paypal account in the Paypal Email Address field.

Once finished, make sure to Save Settings.

When invoicing or agent checkout is enabled, realtors will be invoiced immediately upon activating their account. If using normal invoicing, collection of payment is not serviced inside of Listing Booster and is left up to the individual loan officer and realtor.

Yearly Price

If using normal invoicing, the yearly price is a minimum of $11.82.

If using Agent Checkout, the yearly price is a minimum of $15.00.

The difference in price is due to fees added by Paypal on each transaction. Thus, the price breakdown below applies to both regular invoicing and agent checkout.


Price Breakdown

Each lender account is purchased at $197 monthly and given 100 agent licenses. Therefore, each agent account is worth $1.97 ($197 / 100) monthly.

Compliance regulations state that the LO and agent must each pay 50% of the cost of the service ($1.97 / 2), which is $0.98 monthly.

This $0.98 payment is annualized ($0.98 x 12 months) to $11.82.

Check Payable To

If using regular invoicing, let the agent know who to make a check payable to in the automatically generated email invoice.


Additional Email Address to Send Paid Receipts

Does your compliance department need a record of your receipts? Add their email address here. To add multiple email addresses,separate them with a comma.

Once done, make sure to click the Save Settings button.


Sending the Invoice

Upon activation of the account (clicking the activation link in the email invite), the agent will immediately and automatically be invoiced.

If normal invoicing is enabled, they will be invoiced by email and collection of payment will be facilitated by the individual loan officer and realtor.

If Agent Checkout is enabled, then they will be immediately brought to the Listing Booster Annual Subscription screen prior to their first log-in. Here they may either enter their credit card information and click Pay With Credit Card or click Pay With Paypal.

Once paid, you may mark each account as such by clicking Your Agents.

If your agent has not received our invoice, you can click the Resend Invoice link.

If you still experience issues with your agent receiving the invoice, please reach out to our help desk by opening a support case.

To mark your invoice paid, first click the Your Agents tab.

Next, click Mark Paid next to the appropriate agent's name.



Watch our agent checkout training video.

Further Invoicing

After the initial invoice, each agent is automatically invoiced yearly on the date of their original account setup.


LB_-Agent_Pricing___Billing.pdf LB_-Agent_Pricing___Billing.pdf

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