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Why is my listing pink?

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  1. What does "pink" mean?
  2. What has changed in my marketing?
  3. Do I need to do anything if my listing goes back on the market?
  4. What if my listing is still active?

Listing Booster checks for new listing information every 12 hours. If your listing has disappeared from our data feed for 7 days, we will send you the following email notification.

View this inside your account on the Manage Listings page.

The listings that are no longer appearing in our data feed will be highlighting pink.


What does "pink" mean?

  • Listing Booster has not received an update through syndication for this listing in 7 days.
  • Your listing will now be highlighted in "pink" on your listings page.
  • If this listing remains in an inactive status, it will be removed automatically after 90 days.

What has changed in my marketing?

  • Your listing status has been automatically changed to pending, but may be changed inside your Listing Booster account.
  • Listing Booster will still continue to capture leads and market your property as long as it exists in your account.

Do I need to do anything if this listing goes back on the market?

In short, no. You shouldn't need to do anything other than what you would normally do in your local MLS to make the listing active again.

However, if your listing is re-listed with a new MLS # and your existing listing still has the old MLS #, then Listing Booster will create a second listing entry for the same property.

If a new listing is created, you may need to also move your text code to the new listing. Click here for step-by-step instructions on re-using texting keywords.

What if my listing is still active?

Please contact our Help Desk and provide the listing MLS # and/or property address for the listing(s) in question.

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