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Understanding Agent Automation

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  1. What is Automation?
  2. How do I know if my agent is automated?
  3. How is ListHub Setup?
  4. Syncing a manually-created agent with ListHub

If you run into any issues with your agent's automation and would like help or clarification on this topic, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

What is automation?

Automation is the process of automatically (as opposed to manually) boosting listings in Listing Booster. We primarily accomplish this by pulling listings from (which is a free service) who pulls listings from your agent's local MLS.

This means that every time your agent gets a new listing, they don't have to login to their account to...
  1. type in the property details AND
  2. add property photos

Instead, we automatically boost the listings before emailing both the loan officer and agent a notification with links for the marketing we have created with that listing information.


How do I know if my agent is automated?

To check if your agent is automated, first login to your account and then click the Add/Manage Agents button or Your Agents tab.

Next, click the Auto Add New Agent button.

If found, the system will provide you with the agent's information and a Create account link.

However, if the agent is not found in automation, Listing Booster will give you the error message, "No results found. Click here."

If the agent is not found, then it's most likely that either:
  1. the agent has no active listings OR
  2. ListHub has not been setup

How is ListHub setup?

Click on this link for full step-by-step instructions or continue reading for a quick overview.

These steps must be completed by the agent's head broker of record who has the ability to approve us to receive your agent's listings.

1. A free broker ListHub account must be created

2. Our publisher, Keyboom, must be selected and added from Publisher Choices to the My Publishers page inside that account.

3. Agent listings must be populating in ListHub Inventory (completed by ListHub staff).

Click this link for full step-by-step instructions on configuring a ListHub account to syndicate to Listing Booster.


How long until my agent's listings begin syndicating?

New broker ListHub accounts
These will take 5-7 days to be setup by ListHub staff. Upon completion of setup, the broker will be emailed by ListHub and agent listings will begin populating from their local MLS.

Existing broker ListHub accounts
Existing accounts may need to wait anywhere from 24-72 hours for their listings to begin syndicating to Keyboom/Listing Booster.

Syncing a manual agent

If an agent was manually created, they can be synced at a later date via the MLS/Organization Sync button on their Manage Listings page.

Click this link for step-by-step instructions to sync an existing Listing Booster account with ListHub.

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