Install Facebook Apps (Lender)

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  1. Creating a fan page
  2. Finding your page ID number
  3. Installing the apps
  4. Placing the buttons at the top of the fan page

Creating a fan page

If you don't have one already, you first need to create a Facebook fan page. Click here to begin creating one. For instructions on creating a fan page, click here.

If you'd like more help creating a Facebook fan page, then please email us at


Find your Facebook page ID number

After logging in to your account, click on the Profile tab/Your Profile button from your Dashboard.

Scroll down to the Links and Social Media section. Click the Find Your FB ID Number link.

Copy and paste your Facebook fan page URL (website address) into the field and click Find Numeric ID.

You may also find this number when logged in as the admin of the Facebook page. Open up your business page and click on the About button.

In your Page Info, scroll down to the Facebook Page ID field. Copy this number.

Using either of the two above methods, take that ID—highlight and copy it—and paste it into your Listing Booster profile in the Your Facebook Fan Page ID Number field.


Installing the apps

Click the Dashboard tab at the top of the page. Then click the Marketing Tools button.

Click the Presentation to Agents Facebook App link.

To proceed you'll want to be logged in as the admin of the Facebook page. Then click Install App.

Select your fan page from the Facebook Pages drop-down and then click Add Page Tab.

Heading back to your Listing Booster account, click the Featured Agents Listings Facebook App link.

Click Install App.

Select your fan page from the Facebook Pages drop-down then lick Add Page Tab.


Make the apps visible

Now that you've got these apps installed, you should find them in the left-hand column on your business page under the Apps module.

To display these apps as buttons at the top of your page, click the More button below the page banner. Then click Manage Tabs.

Next, click on one of the apps—in this case, the How I am Different! app—and drag it to one of the two slots below the About page.

Repeat this process for the second app if desired and take a look at your page. Your apps should be front and center after the Timeline and About buttons (Facebook does not allow these to be removed).

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