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Get Started Checklist

  1. Activate account
  2. Your Profile
  3. Default Settings
  4. Import Listings

Welcome to Listing Booster! To setup your agent account, complete the checklist above.

Click the links to skip to specific sections.

Activate account

To get started, you should have first received an email invitation with the subject line Your Listing Booster Account Courtesy of [Your Lender Sponsor]. Open up the email and click the click here link to activate your account.

You will most likely be directed to the following page, where you may pay for your agent license via credit card or paypal.

After paying, fill in your email address and temporary password found in the invitation email and click Login.



Upon logging in for the first time, you should automatically be directed to Step 1—filling out the Agent Profile.

The first Email field is your login email and will receive all email notifications going out from the account.

The second CC Email field may take multiple email addresses (separated by a comma) which will be cc'd on all email notifications from the account.

The third Email for Leads Only field may take multiple email addresses (separated by a comma) which will be cc'd only on the lead notifications coming from the account. It may also facilitate the delivery of lead notifications to your mobile device via the instructions in red.

The rest of your profile page includes the following sections:
  • Title and License Information
  • Company Information
  • Links and Social Media
  • Logo and Profile Photo


Technical Info

The two fields in Links and Social Media are not required. They are...

Craigslist Posting Area Link
This posts a convenient link to your specific area of Craigslist on the Craigslist Posting Queue page in your account (ex:

Your Personal Website URL
Displayed on branding/marketing for listings

Before completing your profile page, upload your Logo and Profile Photo.

To begin, click Choose File.

Next, navigate to the saved photo on your computer. Select it and click Open.

To finish your upload, click Update.


Default Settings

To see full step-by-step instructions on configuring your Default Settingsclick here.

The default settings provide options for customizing marketing pieces automatically produced by Listing Booster. These options include features such as theme color, music and adding external links to your listing websites.

To begin, login to your account and click Default Settings.

The first section is your Default Keyword Setting. Check Auto Assign text codes to my listings to ensure that Listing Booster automatically assigns available keywords to newly boosted listings.

Note: If your lender has not generated and assigned you keywords, then the system will generate new ones using your preferred keyword prefix (Ex:LBR, TOUR, etc).

The rest of the page will provide several customization options; these include:
  • choosing property website theme
  • customizing virtual tours (music, theme, etc)
  • choose what property types are boosted (land/lot, rental)
  • choose squeeze page settings
  • add links pointing to your existing websites

To see full step-by-step instructions on configuring your Default Settings, click here.


Technical Info

Default settings are not inherently retroactive. If you have made changes to your Default Settings and would like to apply them to all previously boosted listings, then follow these steps:


  1. Login to your account

  2. Click the View Listings tab or View/Edit Listings button

  3. Click the orange Re-apply Default Settings to All button


Import Listings

Adding listings to our system may be accomplished by the following two methods.

Automation: Done via a broker-managed account. Read Understanding Agent Automation.
Manual Entry: Typing in the listing information and uploading the photos into our system.

If setup to automatically import your listings, click the View Listings tab at the top of your account. Then click Auto-import Your Listings.

Note: On first-time import, this button may read Import My Listings.

To instead manually add a listing, click the Add New Listing tab at the top of your account.

Next, fill out all the appropriate property information; these details include street address, bedrooms, baths, square footage, etc.

Once completed, click Step 2 Upload Photos and Video.

On the next page, use the Add Files button to select the photos on your local computer.

Select the photos from your local machine and click Open. Then click Start Upload.

After the pictures have finished uploading, you may edit the order of the pictures as well as add captions that will appear on the virtual tour slideshow.

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