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After setting up your profile with one of our sales super heroes, it's time to get started building an account that offers value to agent partners by marketing listings and capturing leads!

First though, you may find it helpful to flip through our Agent Presentation PDF. This PDF contains a simple yet powerful overview of the features and value provided to an agent by Listing Booster, which should help you quickly familiarize yourself with our system. You can find the PDF through:
  • the Marketing Tools button on your Dashboard OR
  • attached at the bottom of this article


Inviting Agents

Please note that best practice dictates first having a conversation with any agent before inviting them to partner with you in Listing Booster.

To get started, login to your account and click the Add/Manage Agents button (or Your Agents tab) on your Dashboard.

When inviting an agent to Listing Booster, you'll want to set them up on automation if at all possible (this means we boost their listings automatically—NO manual data entry). To invite an agent automatically, you will need the agent's...
  • Name
  • MLS# of current active listing (this is optional, but is the most accurate way to search for an agent)

Click Auto Add New Agent to see if your agent currently qualifies for automation and create their account.

For full step-by-step instructions on inviting agents, click this link.

What if my agent is not found in automation?
A fantastic resource for automation issues is our support article, "Understanding Agent Automation"

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the agent sign-up process, please contact us at:
  • 855-743-7431

Generating Leads

The #1 lead generating tool in Listing Booster is Texting Keywords (also known as text codes).

Click here to skip to how to assign text codes to your agent. Keep reading for an overview of the value provided to your account.

What are text codes?
This feature allows any consumer to inquire on and take a virtual tour of that home by sending a text message. Upon texting (ex: text TOUR1234 to 878787) a reply is sent to the consumer with basic information and a link to the mobile website which will include:
  • property photos
  • video tour
  • property details
  • agent/LO branding
  • and more...

Simultaneously, we will capture that phone number as a lead and send it to the agent and LO via:
  • Email AND
  • SMS text notification (optional)

These leads will also be logged in your account on the Text Message Leads page.


Assigning codes

After inviting your agent, assign some text codes (also known as texting keywords) to their account from your Manage Agent Texting Keywords page.

There should already be some codes generated in your account for you by Listing Booster. However, if you do not see any codes in your list, feel free to reach out to us or click here for full instructions on managing your texting keywords.

To assign existing text codes to an agent, first check the boxes next to the appropriate codes.

Select the Action (choose assign—NOT delete) and use the Assign to drop-down to select the agent to assign these codes to. Then click GO.

These codes are now available for this agent to use on properties to capture leads.

More tools for generating leads
To make the most out of your text codes, utilize sign riders to convert drive-by traffic into leads via short code texting. Click this link for step-by-step instructions on ordering sign riders.

For even more tools designed to market listings and generate lead activity, skip down to the section, "Ready for more marketing?"


Watch the Video

Screenshots and instructions not your thing? Watch our (5 minute) intro video.

Ready for more marketing?

Make sure you get the most out of Listing Booster by using these tools to market your listings.
  1. Make Craigslist posts
  2. Install our Facebook Apps for your business page
  3. Market FSBO's


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