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Loan Officers Get Started

Welcome to getting started with your new loan officer account! Watch the video below or take a few minutes to read through our guide on your first day in Listing Booster.
  1. Setup your profile
  2. Invite an agent
  3. Assign keywords
  4. Get help

Setup your profile

After logging in to your account, click Your Profile.

The sections on your profile page are:
  • Email, Password, Name
  • Lead Communication
  • Title and License Information
  • Company Information
  • Links and Social Media
  • Logo and Profile Photo

Note that your primary email will receive lead notifications by default. If you would like to turn this off, click Stop leads to primary email.

You can also add multiple email addresses to your profile to be CC'd on leads. To add another, click Add Another Email Field and type it in.

Feel free to leave the Links and Social Media section blank if you aren't quite sure what to do with it yet.

Upload your Logo and Profile Photo to brand yourself on all your marketing. To begin, click Choose File.

Next, navigate to the saved photo on your computer. Select it and click Open.

To finish your upload, click Update.


Invite an agent

To invite an agent, first click the Your Agents tab or go to Dashboard > Your Agents.

Next, click Auto Add New Agent.

Search if an agent qualifies for automation by typing in one of the following:
  • An MLS # of one of their active listings
  • Their last name

If an agent is found then click Create Account. If the action instead says Send Sponsor Change Request then that means that the agent already has an existing Listing Booster account under another lender.

If you instead see No Results Found then it's likely that either (1) your agent has no active listings or (2) your agent has not yet allowed us to pull their listings through ListHub.

Click here for more information on agent automation.


Assign keywords

After inviting your agent, it's usually best to assign them texting keywords. To get started, click the Agent Keywords tab or go to Dashboard > Agent Texting Keywords.

Type in the number of codes you would like to generate (10 in the screenshot below). Then choose your Keyword Prefix and assigned agent. Click Generate.

If you would rather assign your codes to multiple agents, choose Nobody under Assign to and assign them after.

Click here to learn more about assigning multiple codes to individual agents.


Get help

If you ever run into any issues or have some questions about your account, please let us know!

From your Dashboard click Get Help.

This will take you to our support center, where you can view all our training videos and articles as well as how to contact our Help Desk.

Click here to open a new case with the Listing Booster Help Desk.

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