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How do I set up a ListHub account?

  1. Check if your MLS is supported
  2. Create a broker ListHub account
  3. Subscribe to the Keyboom publisher
  4. Check the ListHub account Inventory

A basic broker ListHub account is free and can be setup in about 5 minutes. There's (1) a one page brokerage form to create the account, and (2) a checkbox to click to approve Keyboom as a listing publisher.

Follow these steps to syndicate your MLS listings to us and let ListHub staff take care of the rest!

Check if your MLS is supported

Click here to see if your MLS is supported by ListHub.

Once you have loaded the page, select your state to more easily search for your local MLS.

If your local MLS is not supported, request that it be supported by clicking here. If it is supported—and it most likely is—then you're able to create a free ListHub account.

Create a broker ListHub account

Click Create Account.

Then select I am the head broker of record within the MLS‚Äč.

Fill out the brokerage information in the form and click Complete Registration.

Note: For the most detailed instructions on completing this form, watch this video from ListHub on how to register as a broker.


Subscribe to the Keyboom Publisher

After logging in to ListHub, select Publishers.

Then select Publisher Choices.

Find and check off the Keyboom publisher.

At the top (or bottom) of the Publisher Choices page click Add Selected.

Keyboom should now be on your My Publishers list.

Check Your ListHub Account Inventory

Brand new ListHub accounts can take up to 7 days to be setup by ListHub staff.

You can check the status of the account setup by checking the ListHub Inventory. You will see one of the following:
  • message from ListHub staff concerning the ongoing setup of your account
  • populating of MLS listings (Upon completion of setup, the broker of record will be notified through email by ListHub)


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