How do I set up a ListHub account?

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To get started, make sure your MLS is supported by Check to see if your local MLS is supported by ListHub.

Once you have loaded the page select your state to more easily search for your local MLS.

Assuming your local MLS is supported, the agent's broker will need to click Create Account.

Then select I am the head broker of record within the MLS‚Äč. It should take just a few minutes to fill out the brokerage form and create the account.

Fill out the brokerage information in the form and click Complete Registration.

Subscribe to Keyboom

When logged into the account, select Publishers, located in the top-left of the account.

Then select Publisher Choices in the center of the page.

Find and select the Keyboom publisher, marking the appropriate checkbox to the left.

At the top of the Publisher Choices page click Add Selected.

You may click My Publishers and double-check to confirm that Keyboom has been added to your approved publisher list.

Brand new ListHub accounts can take up to 7 days to be setup by ListHub staff. You can check the status of the account setup by checking the ListHub Inventory. You will see one of the following:
  • message from ListHub staff concerning the ongoing setup of your account
  • populating of MLS listings (Upon completion of setup, the broker of record will be notified through email by ListHub staff)

Click here to see how to sync your agent Listing Booster account with a ListHub syndication feed to automatically import their MLS listings.

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