Agent Default Settings

When first setting up an agent account, it's important to fill out the Agent Profile and Default Settings page. If you haven't yet filled out your profile, check out our Agents Get Started guide by clicking here.

To begin, login to your account and click the Default Settings button.

First, choose your Default Keyword Setting. This is the prefix (ex: TOUR) used in your keyword (ex: TOUR123).

Next, check the box to Auto assign text codes to my listings or uncheck the box to assign text codes to your listings manually.


Technical Info

If Auto assign text codes to my listings is checked, the system will automatically assign a code when boosting (importing) your property. Our system will prioritize available text codes according to the following list by looking in:  

  1. the agent account (entire list of assigned codes are available via the Manage Texting Keywords button on the agent Dashboard)

  2. the lender account (entire list of codes available on Manage Agent Texting Keywords button on the lender Dashboard)


If no text codes are available in either the lender account or the agent account, then the system will generate a new code using your default keyword prefix.

Next, choose your Default Website Theme. Choose between the Classic version of your website and the Wide Screen version. We recommend utilizing the newer Wide Screen version of the property website.

Next choose whether or not to Link to my other listings from the property website.

Checking this box will populate previews and links to your other listings near the bottom of your property website. Unchecking this box will instead display a map of the property location.

Then choose your Default Virtual Tour Settings. You can choose between the following options:
  • Theater Virtual Tour
  • HD Full Screen Virtual Tour

We recommend using the Theater Virtual Tour by default, especially for MLS-syndicated photos due to their generally low quality.

If you'd like to use the HD Full Screen Virtual Tour then we recommend taking your own high quality photos and uploading them manually for each listing.

Next, choose whether or not you would like Listing Booster to boost the following property types:
  • Rental listings
  • Land/Lot listings

Take a look at the Listing Syndication option. This will determine whether or not we send your listing to external listing sites like Trulia and

Next, choose the Title Font on Print Flyer options:
  • Use Fancy Font (script-like)
  • Use Basic Font (sans-serif)

Next is our Mobile Website Settings—choose a color preference for menu options on your mobile website.

The following setting is your Theme Photo. This appears on only one page on the mobile website after clicking the Search More Homes button. Then, choose your Landing Page Settings where you can also add your local market.

Next, configure your Lead Page Success Settings for the following 3 links that will show up on your virtual tours, property websites and featured listings Facebook application.
  1. Foreclosure Lead Page (default: "Free Foreclosure List")
  2. Ideal Home Lead Page (default: "Find Your Ideal Home")
  3. Comparative Market Analysis Lead Page (default: "What is Your Home Worth?")

Below is an example screenshot from the virtual tour (with some custom links).

The following 3 options are present for each of the 3 lead form pages.
  • Do not redirect after submission success
    • enables our lead capture forms (default)
  • Upon success redirect to another website (use http://)
    • replace lead form page with your own URL
  • Hide Foreclosure lead page link.
    • hide the buttons and disable the pages entirely

In our Add Links section, you can add up to 5 additional links pointing to your business pages and websites that will show up on your virtual tours, property websites and featured listings Facebook application.

Place what you want the consumer to see in the Link Name (ex: "Get Pre-qualified here!") and place the website address in the URL (use http://) field (ex: "").

When finished, click Update.

What's next? Click here to let us help walk you through adding new listings.

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