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Manually Add a New Listing

Please note that any non-mls verified information (listings that are only manual) will not be syndicated to external sites.

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To manually add a listing, go to Manually Add Listing.


Enter Property information

Take the listing information and fill out the text fields on the page. This includes price, bedrooms, baths, square footage, etc.

Click the orange button on the bottom of the page when complete.


Add Photos

To manually upload a set of photos, follow these steps:
  • Click the green Add Files button. Find and select the pictures on your local computer.
  • Once you've selected the photos, click Open. Click the blue Start Upload button to begin uploading your photos.
  • If needed, click and drag to rearrange photos. Then, click the green Save Image Order/Virtual Tour Captions button.

Once completed, we will begin generating your video automatically. Or if you have created your own video and uploaded it to or, then add it to the bottom of the page.

If everything looks correct, click the orange Save and Go To Step 3 button.


Assign a Text Code

This should automatically be your next step in a manual entry. But you can also find this page by going to Manage Listings > Edit My Listing > Text Code.

If you have not been assigned text codes by your sponsoring loan officer, then you will be able to generate a new text code to attach to your listing. To choose from your list of currently available keywords (or generate a new one if none are assigned to you), click Suggest Number.

Select your prefix and number from the two drop-down menus. Once you have finished selecting a text code, click Use This Number.

Click the orange Save Key Code button to save and go to the next step.


Dedicated Property Website

A URL is automatically generated, but you may change it in this step.

Once you have chosen a URL for the dedicated property site, choose which layout you'd like to use: the Wide Screen Version or the Classic Version. We recommend our newer Wide Screen Version.

Once you're done, click Confirm.

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