Ordering Sign Riders

If you have not yet reserved your Listing Booster texting keywords (you will need these for your order), click here.

Once you have reserved your keywords, navigate to your dashboard and click the black Agent Texting Keywords button.

Next click Download Keycode.txt File near the top of the page. This will download a .txt file to your computer with a list of every text code you have generated within your account.

Edit your keyword list so that you only have the keywords that you want to order sign riders for. Highlight, right-click and copy the list of keywords for your order.

To begin your sign rider order, click the Order Sign Riders button on the Dashboard.

This will open a new window for you on ABetterSign.com. Scroll down and click IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS - CLICK HERE TO READ. Once finished, click Get Started next to the desired sign rider template.

The following page will have many customization options available to you. You will find complete instructions for ordering your sign riders under the Instructions header.

Remember that .txt file from earlier? If you haven't already, highlight and copy the desired keywords from the file.

Click the My Notes button near the top right.

Right-click in the text-field of the pop-up window and paste in your list of texting keywords. You may also add any additional notes concerning your order here. When finished, click Save.

From there, click Add to Cart.

Next, enter your sign rider quantity then follow the on-screen prompts to choose additional options and enter payment and delivery information.


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