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Inviting Agents and Sponsorship Changes

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To add a new agent to your account, from the Dashboard click the Your Agents button.

Next, click the Auto Add New Agent button.

Then type in either the agent's last name, current active listing MLS# or both and click the Search Agent button.

If we are receiving the agent's syndicated listing information via ListHub, our system will find the agent and plug in all their data. In this case, click Create Account in the right-most column.

If the agent is found but is currently sponsored by another lender, you may send the agent a sponsorship change request. Click Send Sponsor Change Request.

Note: Listing Booster recommends having a personal conversation with the agent before sending any sponsor change requests.

Invite a Manual Agent

If an agent is not found in automation, then click Manually Add Agent.

Type in the agent's email address, first and last name. Click Save.

Regardless of how they were input, the agent will receive an invitation to join the system. This email will contain a Click Here activation link.

A sponsor change request will instead contain an Accept (and Decline) link to switch lender sponsorship.

For any difficulties regarding agent invites, please contact our help desk.

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