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Posting to Craigslist

To get started, log into your Listing Booster account and click the purple Craigslist Posting Queue button on your Dashboard.

Find the appropriate property and click one of (we recommend the first) green generate button.

Next click the grey Copy Source and Download Photo button. This does the following:
  1. copies the text of the post
  2. downloads your listing's featured image with the embedded text code

Open up the Craigslist website in a new tab. If you haven't already, choose your country.

Then choose your local area.

Next click the Post to Classifieds button in the top-left corner of the page.

Select the Housing Offered option.

then click Real Estate By - Broker, and then agree to their terms of service.

Right-click inside the Posting Body and click Paste. If nothing happens, make sure that you have first clicked the "Copy Source and Download Photo" button from earlier.

Make sure to enter the posting details to help others find your home.

You can easily take the listing details (Sq Ft, Price, Bedrooms, Baths, etc) in the bottom comments of your pasted text and add them to the posting details section at the bottom of the page.

If desired, add your listing location to the map. Then click Continue.

Finally, click continue twice to get to this screen and click Add images. Your picture should have downloaded automatically to your downloads folder, which in most modern browsers is easily found through the ctrl + j keyboard shortcut.

Navigate to your Downloads folder or wherever your picture is saved on your local computer. Select the photo and click Open.

Finally on your last page, click Publish.

Craigslist will then email you. Check your inbox, open the email and click the activation link inside to publish your post.

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