Sync Manual Agents with ListHub

Use the information below to help ensure that your agent's Listing Booster account and their Broker's ListHub account are synced correctly.

To check whether an agent can sync with ListHub, login to the agent account and click the Agent Profile button.

Then click the Sync Agent With ListHub button.

If a ListHub Participant Key is generated, then the agent has successfully synced with ListHub.

If the realtor is not found in automation

You may receive the following error message:
"Your email address is not found within the current List Hub data. Please make sure your broker is signed up with List Hub, subscribed to the channel, and that you currently have listings within their system."

To setup automation, ensure that the agent's brokerage has completed the the ListHub setup steps at the following link. Or for further assistance, please consider opening a new support case with our help desk.

Once the agent account has successfully synced with ListHub, click the View Listings tab and then click the Auto Import Your Listings button to begin the syncing process.

If you are experiencing issues with an agent's listings not pulling through into Listing Booster, please contact our Help Desk:

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